Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.
II Corinthians 9:7

"I do not believe we can settle how much we ought to give. I'm afraid the only safe way is to give more than we can spare." C.S. Lewis

The Board of Missions of the First Baptist Church of Boston supports local, national and world-wide projects for all of God's people.
Won't you please help?

The theme this year—“Discipleship: A Journey of Grace,” based on Titus 2:11-13—is a wonderful reminder that Jesus’ public ministry was all about connecting and caring for people in need. On each day of his journey, the compassion of Jesus was felt by someone somewhere.

We know that we should live to love because true freedom in Christ enables us to do so by the power of the Spirit in our life. The outworking of God’s grace will be seen most often during difficult times. God’s grace is being manifested in our lives as we gladly seek to help others carry their burdens.

The AFC Offering 2015 reminds us that when grace happens we receive not a nice compliment from God but a new heart. We receive a transformed life that becomes the hands, the feet and the prophetic voice of Jesus Christ in our communities and as we connect with people every day.

How do we see the grace of Jesus Christ at work in our community? We are encouraged by this year’s theme to come alongside people as they journey through life. I am asking you to join me in giving generously to this year’s AFC Offering 2015 and help us to reach our goal in support of home mission that is making a difference.

The Board of Missions

During the course of the year, the Missions Board collects for four separate ABC/USA designated Mission Funds.

March - America for Christ Offering

June - One Great Hour of Sharing

October - World Mission Offering

December - Retired Ministers and Missionaries Offering

If you cannot give during these times, or would like to send a special donation to one of the above listed funds, we would prefer that you mail your designated gift for one of the listed charities to/and made payable to the First Baptist Church of Boston, 110 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02116, c/o the Financial Secretary. All gifts are tax deductible.

In Christ,

Deborah K. Porter

The Board of Missions
First Baptist Church of Boston

Volunteer and Mission Opportunities :

Join the campaign to make poverty and disease history at One.org

Never forget the needs here at home:

The Boston Project is a community-based organization in Boston with a passion for seeing renewal in urban neighborhoods:

To donate food or time to feed the hungry in the Boston area:

If you know of a local family or church in need, please contact Darlene Williams or Rev. Sandra Dorsainvil or call the TABCOM office at (781) 320-8100.

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